Pauline, Paris

Pauline is a Vice President at Lazard Paris

How did you come to join Lazard?

My experience at Lazard as an intern convinced me that starting a career in M&A would allow me to apply useful technical quantitative skills for the benefit of Lazard’s clients and to help their strategic decision-making in a variety of fields, such as in their adoption of new technologies, entry into new markets or undertaking in-market consolidation.

What is the most exciting and rewarding part of your job?

Lazard offers an intellectually challenging environment, from your first analyst years to more senior positions. The long-lasting relationships Lazard entertains with its clients allows you to support them over the long run and take part to all aspects of their strategic thinking.

And being surrounded by very talented colleagues provides a strong incentive to over-achieve in both your personal objectives and the goals of your clients.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career at Lazard?

To succeed at Lazard, you need to be fully dedicated to delivering the best outcomes for clients, which requires curiosity, precision and efficiency. And be prepared to live an intense life.

What is unique about Lazard?

I believe Lazard offer tremendous opportunities for those willing to seize them: You'll get strong exposure to clients and responsibilities from the very beginning at analyst level and you'll be fully integrated into small teams, ensuring an exponential learning curve.

January 19, 2023

Apnavi, Sydney

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Managing Director


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Kai, Frankfurt

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Senior Vice President, Asset Management


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Jason, London

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