Chief Executive Officer Peter Orszag on CNBC’s Squawk Box

March 21, 2024


On March 21, Lazard Chief Executive Officer Peter Orszag appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box offering timely insights on interest rates, market developments, and anti-trust policy.

Referencing Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s remarks on the March Federal Open Market Committee meeting signaling rate cuts as early as June, Peter stated, “…The gap between the market and Fed reality has narrowed substantially, which is a good thing… The central expectation which is in line with the market at this point is for the rate cuts to begin this summer, but I would say there's a higher probability…that it will be pushed off and it might be one or two cuts, not three.”

Later in the segment, Peter also shared his observations on recent IPO and M&A activity, raising considerations for anti-trust policy shifts as a result of the US election cycle.

Click here to watch a clip from Peter’s segment.