Global Head of Power, Energy & Infrastructure George Bilicic on Bloomberg TV

Lazard in the News — LCOE, Levelized Cost of Energy

June 20, 2024


On June 20, Lazard’s Global Head of Power, Energy & Infrastructure, George Bilicic, appeared on Bloomberg Markets with Sonali Basak. During the segment, he discussed findings from Lazard’s 2024 Levelized Cost of Energy+, highlighting the increasing and diverse energy investment opportunities, the influence of geopolitics on energy generation and supply security, convergence of power and gas, and the critical need for investments in all aspects of the energy system. 

He highlighted that investors are closely monitoring areas of potential volatility, particularly the surge in artificial intelligence usage and the increase in onshore manufacturing. He stated, “The investor base is looking at the cost profile of generation as an overarching matter because the country needs a ton of new power because of [the] artificial intelligence dynamic and because of onshore manufacturing because of economic growth and electrification. Folks are trying to understand whether this is an ‘all of the above’ scenario or whether there’s going to be a particular winner across generation types.”

Later in the segment, George reiterated the necessity for a diverse mix of energy resources: “Our view, supported by the study we release annually, is that all types of generation make sense—we need everything. So, renewables will continue to be deployed, we’re going to need more natural gas, and we need natural gas infrastructure. At some point in the future, we’ll have new nuclear. I think all of these areas are very promising. One of the positive aspects we encounter in our business is the numerous opportunities to invest in the power and energy industry.”

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